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Dan Bomkamp
I grew up living along the Wisconsin River and have spent most of my life poking around the river, the sloughs and hills of the area.
I left long enough to get my degree in Biology and Chemistry at the UW LaCrosse and since then have made my home in the river valley.
I began writing in the early 1980's doing articles for Fishing and Hunting magazines.  Later I began a weekly radio program and newspaper column featuring the outdoors.
It was during this time that I created the character of Thunderfoot, a 13 year old boy who soon becomes my friend and outdoor partner.  I began writing a little adventure about myself and Thunderfoot in the newspaper, which led to a monthly magazine "adventure" which led to my first book, The Adventures of Thunderfoot.
Little did I know when I wrote that first story about my young friend that it would lead to  120 Thunderfoot stories in 3 books, which led to more books about many other characters.

My books were written for adults but I soon found that young people as young as 3rd grade also love them.  Consequently I go to many schools to talk to the students about reading and writing.  It is very rewarding to meet so many people who enjoy the books from middle schools to retirement homes.

For the better part of my adult life, I've been lucky enough to share my home and my love with Goldens.  I got my first puppy in 1976 and have had at least one of these big lovable goofs with me ever since.
The dogs have been parts of many of my books.  It is one of the great joys of writing to be able to include parts of your own life into the story, and including my dogs as characters has been great fun.
Sadly dogs only last a short time in comparison to a human life and you have to face the sad task of saying goodbye to them much too soon.  I've faced that sad experience too many times and each time, I think it will be the last time, it's just too hard to say goodbye.  But then the pain eases and in no time there is a new ball of fur and mischief destroying your shoes and furniture.  I've often wondered what heaven could be like that would make you happy forever and forever.  I know what mine would be.....spending it with my dogs, playing fetch, going swimming or just taking a nap together on the couch.  A nice thought.
My Sons
Another great joy in my life has been hosting foreign exchange students.  Years ago when the boy who I modeled the Thunderfoot character after grew up and moved on to his adult life, I decided to give hosting a try.  Well, it worked, and since that time I have hosted 32 more boys from about 18 countries.  What fun!  I've experienced many great new adventures on the waters and woods of the area and learned a lot about kids.  I now have "sons" who are doctors, lawyers, engineers, computer brains and even a physicist.  It was one of the best decisions I've ever made.
What a great experience and what a fun way to keep yourself feeling young.
My First Claim to Fame
A lifetime ago, my buddy Doug Stamm (R) and I managed to get in on a school of bass that were on a feeding frenzy.  When it was all said and done we had six nice bass and headed up to the local newspaper to brag.  I ran across this old photo and just had to show it.  The event made a great story in The Gosey many years later.

See the REAL Thunderfoot on the Contact Me page.
The Real Boys from The Gosey
My partners in crime from the Gosey.
Don't let the choirboy smile fool you.
Dewey (Left) and Chick (Right)
were far from choirboys.
But we sure had a lot of fun in those years.
Oh to be that age again!
Yes, I know Buster is NOT a golden retriever.  I lost my old friend Katie a while back after a long life of 13 years.  I don't duck hunt any more so I thought I'd get a smaller dog and along came Buster.  He's quite a handsome young gentleman.  Well, he's actually a bit naughty now and then but he can be good most of the time.  He and the cat have great fun together and I never have to worry about someone to take a nap with me.  He's quite a change from a 13 year old golden retriever.